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​​​About Douglas

Douglas and his wife of 37 years, Marilil,  have lived in Plano for 23 years.  They have three daughters, and 6 grandchildren. Douglas is a small business owner, and also founded and has been the Director of a non-profit organization, My Brothers' Helper, Inc, for 29 years (retired) assisting handicapped adults with finding meaningful employment, operating a vocationl school, a home for people with alcohol and drug addictions, and a home for People with AIDS.  

Douglas is a passionate advocate for bringing policy change to Child Protective Services.  When Douglas' two year old granddaughter was murdered in Plano (google Grace Ford Plano for the story) while in the Child Protective Services system, Douglas experienced first hand how inept and flawed that system is.   He has testified before a Senate Committee regarding CPS, counsels and advises parents that are interacting with CPS for the first time, giving advice on how to negotiate the CPS system. "It can be an overwhelming experience for parents and children" says Douglas.    

Douglas has a B.TH degree, and worked toward a Masters in Counseling, attended Austin Community College, UTSA, IBC, St. Edwards University, and Houston Graduate School of Thelology.  

Douglas is a U.S. Army veteran, and concealed/open carry handgun instructor.   


Taxes: I will be committed to fiscal responsibility.  Texas has the 6th highest property taxes in the nation.  When elected officials in Plano tell us that the tax rate hasn't risen in years, it is misleading.  Our property taxes are tied to property value increases; this puts tax increases on autopilot.  We see our property taxes rise every year.  The idea that property taxes have to increase as our homes increase in value is simply not tenable.  From 2013 to 2016 the average property tax bill have risen 21.6 percent.  Property tax bills that grow 2.5 times faster than the average citizens' paycheck is not sustainable.  Eventually some will be priced out of their homes.  SB 2---a tax reform bill will likely be passed by the legislature.  This bill will put a cap on property value as related to tax increases.  We need this bill passed into law.  Speak to your legislators----make your voice heard.

Densified Housing:  This is ruinous to our city and must be stopped.  This website is largely dedicated to informing the citizenry about high density apartments and the HUD AFFH rule.  No one is against apartments.  We are against federal government forced building of apartments under penalty of lawsuits and fines handed down by the federal government.  

Water:  Imagine a city paying millions of dollars for water it does not use.  This is exactly wht is taking place in Plano.  Plano pas for 26.7 billion gallons of water each year based on an antiquated system tht is related to the amount of water the city used in 2001.  Oh, and that 2001 amount of water---the city has not used that amount since 2006.  Over the past fifteen years the city has paid $78 million dollars for water that it never used.  recently the mayor met with the Texas Development Water Board and is in favor of a water useage review. Why were steps toward solving this problem not taken in 2007?  We can do better with tax dollars.   

Public safety:  We want to feel safe in our nice neighborhoods, parks, and other public places.  Fully supporting our first responders, the police and fire departments, is of paramount importance.  When my two year old granddaughter, Grace, was murdered in Plano, my family experienced first hand how truly excellent and professional our Plano Police Department operates.  The response time of officer Arredondo, and his skill at performing CPR on Grace brought her back to life (if only for a few days) and allowed our family to say our goodbyes.  Criminal investigators, Detectives Busby, Chris Jones, and Cathy Stamm did an amazing job, meticulously investigating the crime scene, doing the groundwork that ultimately lead to the successful conviction of the accused.  At a later time Detective Stamm told me that she did not go home that night after receiving the call; she worked through the night---24 hours straight.  It is this level of dedication that makes the Plano Police Department one of the top police agencies in the nation.  I will be committed to meeting the needs of the fire and police departments, providing them with the tools that they need.   

Transportation:  Last year a traffic congestion study was commissioned by the city.  The Community Impact Newspaper states: "The city is bracing for a new wave of congestion starting this year that will test the city's already crowded road network.  Eventually the east bound traffic on Legacy Drive could back up for nearly a half-mile from the Dallas North Tollway as drivers begin their trek home from various corporate offices soon to open in the area."  

So, what can be done to alleviate traffic congestion?  Answers that I have heard bantered about are: Increase bus and rail usage, ask companies to stagger their work hours, synchronize traffic lights, and ask people to ride their bike to work.  The object is to get single occupant vehicles off the road; unless that can be accomplished density traffic will be a part of our future.  The problem with this is, a study by a consulting firm, Kimley-Horn, concluded that slightly over 1% of people polled (672 people who live, and or work, in the Legacy West area) are willing to give up their vehicle.  Except for adjusting traffic lights, the city has no power to require any of these changes, and if implemented the changes will have a minimal effect on reducing traffic congestion.  All of these solutions if implemented will result in some relief, but we have to be realistic; if 7,000 vehicles are added to the Legacy West area, traffic congestion will be a reality. Something that will go a long way to releaving congestion is-----stop building high density apartments.  

PUBLIC SAFETY:  Plano was once ranked as the safest city in the nation.  Business Insider now ranks Plano as number 13 as the safest place to live.  We have one of the highest ranked police and fire departments in the nation.  This is largely related to the rapid growth that is solely related to the overbuilding of four and five story high density apartments.  This is not fair to the citizenry and the police and fire departments.  I will join fellow council members in bringing this ddestructive trend to an end. 




                                                                    TAKE ACTION

The Mayor and some council members have tilted their hand; they plan to continue building high density apartments.   Tell them (as have thousands of fellow citizens in Plano) No more apartments!  Here's the names and number:

(972) 941-7000 reaches all council members