Douglas Reeves for Mayor  

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Why are you running for Mayor?

It's important to me that Plano remain the excellent city where my family  has lived for twenty three years.  We are seeing a trend in Plano that is as disturbing as it is irrational.  The City Council has chosen to ignore a legal petition signed by over four thousand citizens; a petition asking the council to bring to a halt the building of massive high density apartment complexes.  It defies rational thinking that so many tax paying residents would be completely ignored by the council.  Perhaps the council has forgotten that government works best when it is of, by, and for the people.  An oligarchy (a few ruling many) is not in the best interest of Plano.  As your mayor, I will listen and advocate for common sense policies.   Also, I will advocate for greater transparency.  The voting record of council members on all issues should be listed on the city website.  Citizens need to know how their council members vote.  This will promote greater accountabilty.  

Why are you qualified for the Mayoral position?  

Business experience, life experiences, and common sense decision making.  In 1994 I started a successful small business, Lincoln American; twenty nine years ago I founded a nonprofit organization--My Brothers' Helper, Inc. (Retired) M.B.H., Inc. assists handicapped adults reenter the workplace, has operated two homes for people with drug and alcohol addictions, and people with AIDS. My experience interacting with people from various walks of life has been rewarding. Presently my passion is counseling parents who are interacting with Child Protective Services, which can be an overwhelming experience for parents who are trying to save their children from abuse.